About Us

Merciless Films is a small independent production company founded in 2010. As an independent company, we are always looking for next big projects to stretch our creative freedom on. We specialize in pre-production, principle photography, and post production. We own all of our equipment, which includes cameras, lights, and sound equipment. If we don’t have a specific piece of equipment that you want, or we need for a project, we have several third parties that can provided what we need. Our goal is always to create quality content that is unique to us.

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Hector M. Sanchez Jr


Hector M. Sanchez Jr. is an independent director and cinematographer from New York City. He has a Bachelor of Science in film. Cinematography is a strong passion for Hector and he believes that it’s a fundamental skill for a director to learn. He started Merciless Films to help the independent film industry by bringing what he can to the rest.

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Victoria Velazquez


Victoria A. Velazquez is a Producer from New York City. She has produced several reality shows for HGTV & DIY Network, Commercials, and Music Videos for independent artists. She has a Bachelors of science in film, and has a deep background in cinematography and lighting.

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Kenny Rice


Kenny Rice is an Emmy award winning photojournalist from south Florida. He is NPPA trained and has a Bachelor of science in Film. His passion for telling stories started at a young age with getting his first camera at age 11. He believes the visuals are a crucial part of telling a story whether it’s real life or fiction and strives to bring that out in his work



Devon McNeal


Devon McNeal is a Producer and Writer from Hollywood Florida. He has a Bachelors of Science in Film and has been the Associate Producer on hit shows, such as I Am Jazz and Baller Wives for TLC, and VH1.